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Stop Pet Overpopulation Today Program

Through the S.P.O.T. (Stop Pet Overpopulation Today) program our Veterinary Medical Center performs nearly 10,000 spay and neuter surgeries each year.

An important part of fulfilling our mission at the Idaho Humane Society is accomplished through our vigorous spay and neuter programs. Every single dog, cat and rabbit adopted from the Idaho Humane Society shelter is spay or neutered before leaving for their new home.

Our Veterinary Medical Center also provides high-quality, affordable spay and neuter surgeries for public animals. Help your pet live a longer, healthier life—get them spayed or neutered today!

The Idaho Humane Society Medical Center does spay & neuters 7 days a week, all for affordable prices. Please click here to see the IHS Veterinary Medical Center price list.

The Medical Center is full-service and we appreciate every client that entrusts their pet to our veterinarians’ care. Your use of the Medical Center’s services helps supports all the animals cared for by the Idaho Humane Society.

Reduced Fee Spay/Neuter Packages

  • Feline Spay: $40 (Regardless of income- any household qualifies)
  • Feline Neuter: $30 (Regardless of income- any household qualifies)
  • Low-Income Qualified Canine Spay: $95
  • Low-Income Qualified Canine Neuter: $65
Click here for more details about our Low-Income Qualified Reduced Fee veterinary medical programs.

To schedule your pet for a spay/neuter surgery contact the IHS Veterinary Medical Center at (208) 342-3599.

Program for Pit Bull dogs and Feral Cats

The Idaho Humane Society shelter sees both an abundance of Pit Bull type dogs being relinquished or arriving stray at the shelter and feral cats trapped from all across the Treasure Valley. The IHS Veterinary Medical Center offers extremely reduced fees on spay/neutering these specific animals. This program for Pit Bull dogs and feral cats is NOT income-qualifying; any household is eligible to participate.

Feral Cats: $10 Spay/Neuter (cats must be in a trap). Schedule a feral cat for a spay or neuter by calling (208) 968-1083 or emailing

Pit Bull Type Dogs: $25 Spay/Neuter. Schedule a pit bull type dog for a spay or neuter by emailing

Mobile Spay/Neuter with the S.P.O.T. Trailer

The Idaho Humane Society’s S.P.O.T. Mobile Spay/Neuter trailer travels equipped with full surgical suite, IHS staff veterinarian and technicians to outlying areas in southern Idaho  without low-cost spay/neuter options to conduct low cost spay/neuter surgeries. For more information about costs and requirements for bringing S.P.O.T. trailer to your community contact (208) 342-3508 ext. 8560.

Please “Spay it Forward" and donate to help support the S.P.O.T. program and the vital, low-cost, spay/neuter services it provides.