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Spaying and neutering is the best way to avoid the problem of unwanted pets, and one of the kindest things you can do for animals. Don't put off for tomorrow what needs to be done today – prevent an accidental litter!   

Idaho Spay Network is part of a national network of state and regional referral programs to help pet owners, who want to do the kind thing, find affordable options for spay and neuter surgeries for their cats and dogs.

To find the nearest participating veterinary clinic providing affordable spay/neuter services please email or call toll free:1- 855-FXIDPET [855-394-3738]  (Our Online Directory is coming soon!)

Idaho Spay Network recommends that you establish an ongoing relationship with a full-service veterinarian for all of your pet's needs. But, if you have a pet and are unable to afford the cost of pet spay/neuter at regular prices, please call the toll free Idaho Spay Network Helpline above.

If you are aware of a clinic we have not listed, please let us know.  

Idaho Spay Network is a program of the Idaho Humane Society. The mission of the Idaho Humane Society is to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, protect them from neglect and cruelty, and promote humane awareness and compassion. 

Prevent an accidental litter! 

Spay your pet before 5 months of age!

Spaying your kitten or puppy will eliminate the possibility that your pet contributes to overpopulation. It is estimated that 90% of unwanted litters are produced by female pets that will later be spayed. Female dogs and cats can become pregnant as young as 5 months. Puppies and kittens as small as 2 lbs., and as young as 8 weeks, can be safely spayed and neutered with no adverse effects to health or behavior.

Spay It Forward. Please Donate to Support Idaho Spay Network. Make sure that every Idaho pet owner can have access to affordable spay/neuter services.