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Bad Rap and IHS Complete Oneida Pit Bull Evaluations

UPDATE: Click here for more information about adopting one of the Oneida County Pit Bulls.

Representatives from Bad Rap finished their evaluations of the Pit bulls rescued from Oneida County at the Idaho Humane Society on Wednesday afternoon.  Bad Rap is a non-profit organization based out of California that focuses on advocacy, education and adoption of pit bull dogs. The group gained nationwide attention when they assisted in evaluating the rescued Michael Vick pit bulls in 2007.

The Idaho Humane Society is extremely grateful for the expertise and hard work of everyone involved with Bad Rap who traveled to Idaho to assist in the monumental task of evaluating over 60 dogs in just three days. We’d also like to thank the Humane Society of the United States for making contact with Bad Rap and providing their airfare to travel to Idaho.  The ASPCA has also awarded the IHS a generous grant of $10,000 to assist with the extensive medical bills of the rescued pit bulls.

Based on both the behavioral evaluations and continued medical monitoring the IHS anticipates having the first group of approximately one dozen Oneida pit bulls ready to meet adoptive families in the next two weeks. These dogs are happy and friendly, but having experienced very little of life, will require especially dedicated owners.

The IHS will have information about adoption and an online adoption application available at the IHS website,, by Saturday. Families interested in adopting one of these dogs are highly encouraged to visit the website on Saturday, learn more about the dogs and submit an adoption application.

The rest of the dogs are continuing to be evaluated and many continue to be treated medically. In the coming weeks the IHS anticipates working with rescue groups and other shelters from across the country, many of which specialize in the re-homing of pit bulls. It will take the assistance and support of many groups and individuals to find the best situations for these dogs.

Based on evaluations, it has been determined a group of approximately 10 to 12 dogs are not temperamentally suitable for adoption placement. The shelter staff doesn’t take lightly the euthanasia of any animals and the choice to euthanize any of the dogs will be made individually, done in a humane manner, knowing that our staff and volunteers have worked tirelessly to give these dogs the compassionate and loving care they have never before known in their lives.

We sincerely hope that the pet loving community of the Treasure Valley continues to provide their understanding as well as support for the care of the dogs that will continued to be sheltered at IHS until they’re placed in new loving, forever homes—many of the them right here in the Treasure Valley.

Photos courtesy of Kim Pence.

May 18, 2013

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