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63 Pit Bulls from Oneida County Arrive at IHS

Click here for information about adopting one of the rescued Oneida County Pit bulls.

THIS STORY HAS BEEN UPDATED, (SEE BELOW)  Monday evening the Idaho Humane Society received 63 Pit bull dogs from Oneida County, Idaho. These dogs are from an apparent dog-fighting compound on a property where a triple homicide occurred last week near Holbrook, Idaho.

The IHS would like to thank the staff and volunteers from Pocatello Animal Shelter, American Falls Animal Control and Bannock Humane Society who all assisted in the arduous process of identifying each dog on the property, loading them into crates, and transporting them on their journey to Boise. The IHS is also grateful to the Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley for taking some of the IHS's adoptable dogs to help make room to care for the Oneida County dogs.

Initial examinations of the dogs found them to be in very poor body condition. The majority of the dogs are underweight and suffering from malnutrition. Many of the dogs had open lacerations and extensive scarring from old wounds. Many are suffering from skin, eye, and ear ailments resulting from neglect of their basic care. A few dogs have old injuries of broken bones that were left untreated.

Despite their obvious neglect and poor treatment, the Idaho Humane Society found the majority of the dogs to be friendly and accepting of handling by people. Further behavioral evaluations will be completed once the dogs’ more pressing medical needs have been addressed. The Idaho Humane Society is not yet able to accept offers of hands-on assistance for these dogs.

Donations for the dogs' care, feeding and veterinary expenses are welcome and can be made at the IHS website. At this time, the IHS is not seeking foster homes for these dogs and there is no timeline available for when any of the dogs will be available for adoptive homes, but the shelter will make the public aware when any of the dogs may be ready for adoption through the media and the IHS website.  – 4/9/13

UPDATE, 4/11/13 - Oneida County PIT BULL RESCUE Update: Here's a picture of IHS' Dr. Mike Koob and animal care attendant Jonathan Shane Smith, conducting an initial physical exam of one of the dogs. At this point all of the dogs have had thorough  medical evaluations, and all immediate needs were taken care of, along with nutritional evals, etc. Our director, Dr. Jeff Rosenthal says that they are really just "getting calmed down and used to the environment" at the shelter, and many of them are surprisingly very playful and having a good romp in the exercise yard with our ACAs. It's heartbreaking the treatment some of these animals have endured, but they're resilient and getting lots of care and attention. WHAT'S NEXT: As Dr. Rosenthal says, "IHS has experts on Pit Bulls – they're the 2nd most common breed in our shelter – but we don't have a great depth of experience with fighting dogs." SO, beginning this weekend we have a few national experts flying in, enlisted to help with the behavioral evaluations. We'll determine our goals with each dog individually... In the meantime, loads of supplies, blankets, food, etc. ESPECIALLY peanut butter have arrived, THANK YOU ALL. We appreciate your continued support and we'll keep you updated. 

April 09, 2013

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