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67 Dogs Arrive at IHS from Overcrowded California Shelter

On Saturday, 67 dogs arrived at the Idaho Humane Society from an overwhelmed animal shelter in Porterville, California. The majority of the transferred dogs are small Chihuahua mixes.  

The collaborative effort to rescue the Chihuahuas involved several organizations.

The Animal Shelter of the Wood River Valley visited the IHS shelter on Sunday to pick up eight of the transferred dogs to find them homes in the Sun Valley area. The Humane Society of the United States helped the Porterville shelter by providing a veterinarian to complete health exams and Rabies vaccinations necessary for the dogs to make the journey to Idaho. A pet fashion company, SimplyShe, and a San Francisco Chihuahua owner’s group provided sweaters and other supplies for the California temperature acclimated, shorthaired dogs to wear on their journey north.  

The Idaho Humane Society’s PetSmart Adoption Center, which opened in October 2011 as a partnership between the IHS and PetSmart Charities, has increased IHS adoption numbers and has allowed the shelter to offer extra kennel space to adoptable pets from other overcrowded shelters. Since the beginning of 2012 alone, the IHS has transferred in 219 at-risk animals from other shelters. The majority of these animals have come from southern Idaho small shelters and animal control facilities.  

The California Chihuahuas will gradually be available for adoption this week as their spay/neuter surgeries and other vetting is completed by our Veterinary Medical Center. The first dozen dogs that are already prepared for adoption have been moved to the PetSmart Adoption Center on Monday morning and are waiting to meet their new families.

February 06, 2012

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