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I’M A BIG GUY WITH A BIG HEART! Trey is a big hunk of loving who strongly resembles Big Al of Disneyland Country Bear Jamboree fame. He has a happy-puppy attitude that wins over people as soon as they meet him. Trey has a heart to match his big size (85-lb). This lovable teddy bear will sit ever-so patiently to be petted.  

MY BEST BEHAVIOR MEANS MORE LOVES! Trey is well behaved and loves everyone he meets, big and small, young and old. He is crate-trained and house-trained. Trey gets along with other dogs as can be seen in the attached videos below this bio. Trey is pretty laid back, but he won’t pass on an opportunity to play. Due do his extra-large size, he might fit best in a home with older children who would not let this big, sweet guy knock them over when playing.  

TRAGEDY IN MY EARLY YEARS… Like many dogs that arrive at animal shelters, Trey has a colorful, and sad, history. Trey is from Georgia, where he spent the first two years of his life chained to an old truck, going under it for shade and protection. By the time his rescuers discovered him, the chain was embedded into his neck, and required surgery to remove it. At that time, his new protectors also discovered that he had survived a gunshot wound and damage to his left eye.  

GEORGIA IS NO LONGER ON MY MIND… Even though Trey was rescued, and living safely at a rescue in Georgia, the quality of life at the overcrowded rescue was not the best. Trey had been there a long time when a Boise resident became aware of Trey's plight, and paid to fly him here for a chance at a better life. Adoptions are few and far between for dogs like Trey in rural Georgia due to the severe pet overpopulation in the region. Trey is a great dog who is so deserving, and ready to find a home where he can feel safe and loved.   

SPA DAYS FOR TREY… To get this new chapter of Trey’s life off to a good start, Trey got the full-spa treatment. The groomers at Canine Design where he got a haircut commented on what a great dog Trey is. They, too, fell in love with the big guy! Trey has a thick coat that is velvety-soft to the touch. While he did just get a shave for the summer, keeping his coat brushed and pretty would be best as his fur grows back. In addition to the bath and haircut, the awesome vets at I.H.S. cleaned his teeth, and checked his overall health. Trey has one eye darker than the other, which probably is due to an injury at some point in his life, but the vets at I.H.S. said he can see out of it just fine, and is not a medical concern.   

To find out more about this wonderful, big guy, please contact foster mom, Julie, at or 208-484-2969. Adoption is subject to a short interview process and simple home visit.    

Chow Chow/Malamute Mix with undetermined breeds - Neutered Male - Gray - 6 years – 85 lbs.

Login #: 19779585
Purebred: No
Color: Grey
Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Size: Large
Location: Foster Home
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