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Thank you for your interest in adopting one of the wonderful, loving dogs recently rescued from Oneida County. The Idaho Humane Society is committed to matching these beautiful dogs with the best possible homes for their individual needs.

The dogs vary in age from teenagers (about 8-12 months), to young adults (1-3 years), to more mature dogs (from 4-6 years). Both males and females will be looking for new homes.  The dogs are a wide variety of colors, many black or black and white dogs and many various shades of brown to tan. Most of the dogs weigh between about 27-40 pounds.

The Oneida Pit bulls are resilient dogs, but they have not had easy lives. The dogs lived outdoors, with very little to no human attention, on a chain with only a plastic barrel for shelter. These are not dogs well-suited for first time dog owners.

Here are some of the characteristics we're looking for in new homes:
  • Experience with dog ownership.
  • Homes ready to dedicate a lot of time to house training, crate training, socialization, and helping their new dogs learn to be good canine citizens with polite manners.
  • We anticipate that some of the dogs will do well in homes with no other dogs, while other dogs will find more confidence in homes that do have other dogs.
  • These are active dogs that will require a home that will give them daily outlets for their energy.
  • Due to their energy level and lack of manners, these dogs are best suited for homes with older children who will not be physically overwhelmed by the dogs. 

Pit bull adoption checklist

Are you a good candidate as an adopter for a pit bull? You should be able to answer "YES" to each of the following:
  • Are you looking for a companion that will live indoors as a family member? Pit bulls thrive on human contact. Pit bulls are affectionate, happy dogs that want to be with you, near you, or in your lap! They’re professional cuddlers. Be sure you have time for a dog that needs your companionship. Pit bulls that aren’t integrated into family life often develop problem behaviors out of boredom and loneliness. Pit bulls have short coats that do not protect them from bad weather.
  • Are you totally committed to training and socializing your new dog or puppy? Pit bull owners need to ensure that their dog is under control and at ease in a variety of situations. Due to public perception, the consequences for a pit bull that misbehaves are often more extreme than for other dogs  
  • Are you able and willing to proved firm boundaries and positive leadership? All pit bull puppies and adults need good training. You should always use methods based on positive reinforcement and consistent, fair rules. Although pit bulls are tough on the outside, they’re often extremely sensitive dogs, and harsh training techniques are neither appropriate nor necessary. Consistency is the key to training pit bulls.
  • Can you accept the fact that owning a pit bull will place limitations on where you can live? Finding a landlord that will accept your pit bull can be a real challenge. Many landlords have strict limits on size and breeds. On top of that many cities and even entire countries have enacted breed specific legislation that make it illegal to own a pit bull in their jurisdiction. The majority of pit bulls surrendered to shelters are because of housing problems.
  • Is your life relatively settled with no foreseeable changes planned that would affect your ability to keep your dog for the rest of its natural life? The homeless animal population has reached epic proportions. There are simply not enough good homes for all the pets that need one. It can be very difficult to rehome a pit bull.
  • Can you provide ample opportunity for an energetic dog to get enough exercise? Pit bulls are athletic and need lots of exercise. Walk your dog at least once a day, play fetch with him, and take him to training classes. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog! If your lifestyle is not an active one, you’ll need to find creative ways to make sure your bully gets enough exercise. If you’re a runner, an avid hiker, a Frisbee enthusiast or a cyclist a pit bull might be ideal for you!

Click here for the Oneida Pit Bull Adoption Questionnaire